Could Trump return in 2024?

Could Trump return in 2024? We have to admit that it is a possibility.

Because the fact that he has left the presidency of the United States, after being defeated by Joe Bien, does not mean that he has taken his finger off the line and that he has stopped campaigning.

In fact, I would dare to say that even before I left my post I was already on the campaign trail. For the simple and straightforward fact that the campaign became his “modus vivendi” since 2015, and is part of those leaders who are always on the campaign trail, to ensure the victory of their own truth.

The joke is that they don’t let the presidency catch up with them, because there they would have to act as responsible people, and pay even once in a while, for the broken dishes.

There is an epidemic of them around the world and it seems that our northern neighbor has not yet been immunized, because although it seems difficult to believe, Trump has not been ruled out for 2024.

A recent poll conducted by Tony Fabrizio, a pollster who goes without saying that he is close to the Republican Party, reveals that Donald Trump could recover 5 key states that in 2020 changed color, and gave him the victory Biden.

By which I mean Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which gave a total of 73 votes in the Electoral College to the current president in the last electoral contest. Which is why since then, Trump has not wasted time, and has been building what could be considered as the prelude to his campaign towards 2024, with the 4 meetings he has organized with his followers, and the support that he received. has given several candidates who could rise to key positions in those states in 2024.

Fabrizio’s poll shows that Trump is 8 points ahead of Biden in Arizona, 3 in Georgia, 12 in Michigan, 6 in Pennsylvania and 10 in Wisconsin. To which we must add that the Committee “Make America Great Again” is organizing the most ambitious fundraising event in its history this December 2, with the presence of the most generous Republican donors, at the headquarters of the Club of Mar-a-Lago beach in Florida.

2022 is already very close, and with it the mid-term elections that will undoubtedly yield results, which will tell us if the data in this survey is closer to the truth or to the myth. In addition to that they will set the tone for Trump to make public or silence his intentions forever.

It all depends on the chances that Republicans have to secure a majority in at least one of the two Houses of Congress. A matter that does not seem unreasonable if we take into account that Biden’s popularity is declining, with only 36% approval.

The latest Quinnipac University poll shows that the majority of Americans disagree with how it has handled the pandemic and the economy. A reality that is illustrated if we take into account the 6% inflation that plagues the country, the worst figure recorded in 30 years, and that cases have increased in several states.

It is still too early to know what will happen in 2024. However, it is important to keep in mind that Biden has made public his intentions to be re-elected and that Trump wants revenge.

The last to leave turn off the light

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The last to leave turn off the light

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