“Couple Challenge” – bullying! So candidates were disgusted from the show

Ballermann singer Isi Glück (30) has been an integral part of the party hit scene for years. But since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, its main place of activity, the megapark on Mallorca, has been closed. But standing still does not correspond to the nature of the mega-sporty power woman.

That’s why Isi Glück took part in a reality format on TV for the first time – the “Couple Challenge”. There couples had to compete against each other in different disciplines. But it wasn’t that easy!

How she and her partner, who was not her husband, fared on the show, she now tells in the BILD interview.

Isi Glück about BILD: “The ‘Couple Challenge’ was actually the first format where I was under camera surveillance around the clock. Cameras were really hanging in every corner. “

Because there is hardly anything going on at Ballermann because of the corona pandemic, singer Isi Glück now took part in a TV showPhoto: Star Press / Kay kirchwitz

“They faced the whole group”

At first it was strange, but she got used to it within a few days, says the singer. It took getting used to, however, that she absolutely could not avoid difficult characters.

Isi to BILD: “There were also two girls who always wanted to be the center of attention, played the wrong game and put on an embarrassing show. They also started bullying, getting ready, howling and making people leave the show. Because psychologically they couldn’t take it anymore. They stood up against the whole group. In addition, they expressed themselves at a level where I really thought: You have to distance yourself from them. “

Isi doesn’t want to give names. She actually thinks “when different characters crash into each other in a show like this, that’s what’s exciting about such a format”. But of course there have to be limits.

Her own limits became more than clear to her at the “Couple Challenge”: “I have an extreme fear of heights, which increases from year to year,” said the 30-year-old. “In all the challenges that had to do with altitude, I had to overcome myself extremely. As soon as I pulled in, I had to jump into the water from a helicopter, then do a bungee jump. The whole day I had been crying snot and water because I already knew what to expect. ”

The reason why she overcame herself anyway: “I’m just a team player, I’ve played team sports for years and if I hadn’t competed, I would have been responsible for the fact that all teams would have been deducted part of the € 100,000 winnings. “

Isi in her “Couple Challenge” outfit

Isi in her “Couple Challenge” outfit Foto: TVNOW / Frank Beer

Why didn’t Isi attend with her husband Carlos Lucio?

“As the director of the mega-park, it doesn’t fit when he plays funny games in costume,” Isi explains why she didn’t take part in the couple’s show with her husband Carlos Lucio. “As a boss, employees and guests have to respect him. I totally understand that and I think it’s good too. I then took part with my stage colleague and friend Julian Benz. “

Isi and Carlos have been married for two years, wasn’t he jealous?

“I’ve been friends with Julian for years and Carlos also knows Julian really well,” says the singer. “There was absolutely no jealousy involved.”

Isi had more concerns that single men present could use the absence of their godly husband for a flirting offensive. But this fear was unfounded. And even if Isi and Julian did not make it to the final of the show, she is happy to have been there.

Isi Gück about BILD: “The biggest challenge was to face the extreme situations and the different characters. But we were well looked after by the production and psychologists were always on site. I’ve definitely tasted blood when it comes to the reality TV business and I can imagine doing other formats – especially those with a sporting background, such as ‘Kampf der Realitystars’ or ‘Let’s Dance’. “

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