Covid-19: a screening test again required to travel to the overseas territories from the metropolis

These tests will be resumed on Monday, Foreign Minister Sébastien Lecornu told the Senate on Wednesday.

In the face of the epidemic outbreak, screening tests for Covid-19 before boarding flights from the Hexagon to all overseas territories will resume on Monday, Overseas Minister Sébastien Lecornu said on Wednesday. who also announced a meeting with elected officials from Guadeloupe, an island that has been in turmoil for nearly 10 days.

“The question of the arrival of the fifth wave, also in the overseas territories, concerns us and we will without delay reinstate the tests before boarding for the vaccinated people, as non-vaccinated, who go from the France to the overseas territories, “said the overseas minister before the Senate, responding to a question from the senator and former minister, Victorin Lurel.

The tests will be reinstated from Monday he completed.

Meeting Thursday with elected Guadeloupe officials

In addition, the minister will meet Thursday afternoon in videoconference “all the elected officials of Guadeloupe”.

“It will be a question not only of talking about health measures but also of youth because it is they who find themselves on the dams. Two years of Covid have been there, with an idle youth,” he said. .

In Guadeloupe, a call for a general strike to protest against the compulsory vaccination of caregivers has degenerated into violence.

“Those and those who break and attack the police at night, by firing live ammunition at them, have nothing to do with demonstrators or with people forming health claims,” ​​a estimated the minister who assured that in Guadeloupe, “the penal response is underway: almost a hundred arrests as I speak to you”.

1,400 caregivers suspended in Guadeloupe because they were not vaccinated

The authority of the law on the vaccine obligation “could not crush a social dialogue between an employer and its employees, therefore Olivier Véran decided to set up a structure which will make it possible to find a solution to each of the 1400 people suspended from the moment when we speak, because they are not in conformity with this vaccine obligation “, he added.

“There were, a few days ago, 355 liberal city doctors who were suspended because unvaccinated, 150 people have just put themselves in compliance by getting vaccinated,” according to Sébastien Lecornu.

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