Covid-19: Angela Merkel calls for "additional restrictions" car "every day counts"

Germany has passed the 100,000 coronavirus-related death mark.

Angela Merkel called Thursday for “additional restrictions” against Covid-19 because “every day counts” to stem the virulent fourth wave of infections in Germany.

“Many countries have introduced additional measures” restricting contacts, said the outgoing chancellor at a press conference.

Angela Merkel wants an additional turn of the screw and has let her successor Olaf Scholz know.

“I made it clear to her that we could manage this together, during this transition phase, and that we would look at all the necessary measures,” said the leader.

100,000 deaths in Germany since the start of the pandemic

Germany has passed the 100,000 coronavirus-related death mark since the start of the pandemic. 75,961 new contaminations were counted mercre di. “It’s a very sad day,” commented Angela Merkel.

“The situation is serious,” admitted Wednesday Olaf Scholz, future Social Democratic leader of the government after a coalition agreement with the Greens and the Liberals of the FDP, promising to “do everything” in the face of the pandemic.

The new coalition is counting on the generalization of the health pass in transport and access restrictions for the unvaccinated, for example for cultural places, and vaccination.

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