Covid-19: As Christmas approaches, a call to limit private gatherings

Arnaud Fontanet, member of the scientific council, advises the French to reduce the number of guests gathered at the table during the end-of-year celebrations.

“If we have dinners, it’s not twelve but four.” This is the main recommendation made by Arnaud Fontanet, epidemiologist at the Institut Pasteur and member of the scientific council, in an interview with the Parisian this Friday.

His remarks are based on the fourth part of thestudy ComCor unveiled this Friday also, produced by its Institute and published in The Lancet Regional Health Europe, assessing the most risky places relating to Covid-19 contamination.

Particularly risky private parties

This new version of the study establishes that private parties or at nightclubs increase the risk of contracting the Covid by 340% for people under 40, by 150% for people over 40. Either the places most at risk according to this study, well in front of the metro (+ 20%) or trains (+ 30%).

Results which push Arnaud Fontanet to warn the French, while the drop in temperatures encourages many private gatherings indoors.

“If there is a family celebration, we only invite the closest. And at such times, we keep the windows open when we can, and fragile people wear the mask,” he recommends to of Parisian.

No confinement envisaged for Christmas

For the Christmas and New Year celebrations more specifically, “given the trajectory that the epidemic is taking, we can estimate that we will still be in a tense situation at the end of December” continues Arnaud Fontanet to our colleagues. “What I am telling you here therefore applies to all events in the coming weeks.”

Faced with the fifth wave, the government is not currently considering establishing a curfew or confinement.

In December 2020, the rules that were in effect at the time had been relaxed specifically for Christmas, with the lifting of the curfew on the evening of the 24th. The executive had not imposed a limit of diners, limiting itself to advising not to exceed the number of six people around the table.

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