Covid-19: barely on the third dose of vaccine, the government redoubles its efforts

Four and a half million of French people over 65, immunocompromised or caregivers, are eligible for a third dose of vaccine against Covid-19. Faced with the pace of the recall campaign deemed “insufficient” by Olivier Véran, the government is launching several measures to convince.

“It is clearly not enough.” The Minister of Health deplored the delay taken by the injections of the third dose of vaccine to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, this Wednesday morning on Franceinfo.

“We are at a little more than a million and a half out of four and a half million, that means a third, it is better than with our neighbors”, detailed Olivier Véran, deeming however this figure “insufficient” to guarantee ” over time “the level of immune protection against the virus.

The recall campaign concerns people over 65 and people at risk, such as obese people and diabetics, provided they have been vaccinated more than six months previously. Caregivers were added to this list on October 7 by the government, following an opinion from the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS).

“I insist because it is the greatest risk that we run today” he added, evoking the possibility of a new epidemic wave, even if no new dangerous variant has been, at the moment, detected. “I invite those who are listening to us not to wait,” he insisted.

Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson, also came to mobilize the troops this Wednesday morning. He encouraged, on BFMTV-RMC, the elderly to be vaccinated.

“Studies show that the immunity conferred by the vaccine tends to wane over time. this vaccine booster must be done, ”he emphasizes.

“Let’s vaccinate our seniors” campaign

The Ministry of Health notes “that the campaign can still advance” among the elderly. 560,000 people are still to be vaccinated among the over 80s, even though 3.6 million have already received a dose in this age group. With 86.3% of first-time vaccines among those over 80, France is doing less well than several of its neighbors. The government is also counting on an effect of the anti-flu campaign: 30% of unvaccinated people over the age of 80 were indeed against the flu last year.

To speed up the process, a “Vaccinate our Seniors” campaign and a national home vaccination number are being rolled out this week. We must “operate all possible levers”, indicates the Ministry of Health, adding that there is “no magic technique”.

7.4 million unvaccinated

In the entire population on October 11, 7.4 million people have still not been vaccinated, said the ministry. Faced with this number, a bill extending until summer 2022 the possible use of the health pass was presented on Wednesday in the Council of Ministers. The government is also counting on the persuasive effect of the “comfort” tests, which will pay off on Friday.

The PS group in the Senate asks him to go further, by tabling a bill this Wednesday to make vaccination against Covid-19 compulsory. Against the advice of the government, which does not consider this hypothesis for the moment.

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