Covid-19: Brazil registers 303 deaths and 12,126 cases in 24 hours

Covid-19 Bulletin of 11-25-2021 – Ministry of Health

There are still 166,387 cases being followed up by people who had confirmed covid-19.

As of this Thursday, 21,275,209 people have recovered from the disease.

The data are in the daily balance of the Ministry of Health, released late this Thursday (25). The update consolidates information on cases and deaths sent by the state health departments.


According to the balance of the Ministry of Health, at the top of the ranking of states with the most deaths by covid-19 registered so far are São Paulo (153,755), Rio de Janeiro (68,935), Minas Gerais (56,104), Paraná (40,763) and Rio Grande do Sul (36,034).

The states with the fewest deaths resulting from the pandemic are Acre (1,846), Amapá (2002), Roraima (2050), Tocantins (3,914) and Sergipe (6,041).


In total, until the beginning of this Thursday night (25th), the Ministry of Health’s system marked the application of 306.9 million doses of vaccine against covid-19 in Brazil, with 158.5 million as the first dose and 134.6 million as a second dose and a single dose. 13.2 million booster doses were applied.

Also according to the panel of the Ministry of Health, 372.5 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 were sent to the states.

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