Covid-19: cases rise to 22.043 million and deaths to 613.3 thousand

The number of people who contracted covid-19 during the pandemic rose to 22,043,112. In 24 hours, health authorities confirmed 12,930 positive diagnoses of the disease.

There are still 165,060 cases in follow-up, from people who had confirmed covid-19.

The total number of lives lost to the disease reached 613,339. Since yesterday, health authorities have registered 273 deaths.

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Covid-19 Bulletin of November 24, 2021

Covid-19 Bulletin of November 24, 2021 – Ministry of Health

There are still 2,861 deaths under investigation. This situation occurs because there are cases in which the patient died, but the investigation of whether the cause was covid-19 still requires further examinations and procedures.

Until this Wednesday, 21,264,713 people have already recovered from the disease.

The data are in the daily balance of the Ministry of Health, released late this Wednesday (24). The update consolidates information on cases and deaths sent by the state health departments.


According to the balance of the Ministry of Health, at the top of the ranking of states with the most deaths by covid-19 registered so far are São Paulo (153,639), Rio de Janeiro (68,919), Minas Gerais (56,084), Paraná (40,759) and Rio Grande do Sul (36.007).

The states with the fewest deaths resulting from the pandemic are Acre (1,845), Amapá (1,999), Roraima (2045), Tocantins (3,913) and Sergipe (6,040). There have been no new deaths since yesterday in Acre and Sergipe.

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Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.

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