Covid-19: Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon says that "current measures are sufficient"

Despite the increase in Covid cases, the Minister of Health declared on Thursday that she did not want “binding measures for the moment”. She appeals to the “responsibility of the French” to avoid hospital tensions.

The Minister of Health rules out new restrictive measures in the face of the increase in covid cases that France is currently experiencing. Despite the rebound of the epidemic with the BA 4 and BA 5 variants, Brigitte Bourguignon indicated “not to return to restrictive measures for the moment”.

“I do not think the obligation is absolute, the mask remains highly recommended. We will adapt the measures each time according to the epidemic situation” she declares. “The current measures are enough.”

No return of the compulsory mask in public places therefore, but the minister appeals “to responsibility to avoid additional hospital tension”. The number of contaminations has tripled in three weeks, from less than 18,000 per day at the end of May to more than 54,000 on Wednesday.

Vaccination “is the best weapon”

“We test ourselves if we have symptoms, we isolate ourselves if we are positive and we wear the mask in places where there is too much proximity or too many people,” she recalls.

The Minister of Health calls on the French at risk and already vaccinated to receive their booster shot: “I would like to remind you that vaccination remains the most useful weapon and that it is aimed in particular at the most vulnerable people. the elderly, the immunocompromised. I call for vaccination which must be maintained, supported. It must be intensified, it is the best weapon we have.

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