Covid-19: hospitalized since the very beginning of the epidemic, a Spanish patient finally leaves the hospital

Eduardo Lozano, formerly a taxi, remained in hospital for more than two years after contracting Covid-19 in March 2020. Released last Friday and now disabled, he is starting a new life.

Two years and 45 days. That is the time the Spaniard Eduardo Lozano stayed in a Barcelona hospital after contracting Covid-19. Entered the establishment of Duran i Reynals on March 22, 2020, he left last Friday. For the Catalan channel TV3the 60-year-old shared his relief, acknowledging that he “no longer hoped to recover”.

“When I woke up from the coma, I looked like a corpse, I couldn’t move, I weighed 35 kilos, we had to relearn everything,” he added, thanking the nursing staff.

Now he gets around using a walker. His body bears the scars of his long hospitalization: wounds on his knees after lying on his stomach during his coma, drawn features, marks on his face from wearing an oxygen mask. The long Covid worsened his diabetes while his lung capacity decreased.

“I don’t know if I will be able to do the things I used to do on a daily basis,” he admits. And for good reason: it is impossible for him to live alone, to drive and to practice his old job as a taxi.

“I didn’t want to go out anymore”

Eduardo Lozano therefore moved in with his childhood friend, Pilar. And not without difficulties because the outside world has changed for him. “I stayed in the hospital for so long that I didn’t want to go out because now I have nothing left,” he confessed to The Diario.

From now on, he will devote himself to other activities. No more trips to Morocco, the Caribbean or Thailand as in the past with his taxi colleague Luis. He would like to go to Iceland, even if he knows he is less independent.

“The least important thing now is the trip. And the most important? I don’t know… eat lamb chops,” laughs the sixty-something.

In his new life, he walks with the chihuahuas of Pilar, sees his friends and also wants to rediscover Barcelona where “everything has changed”, he says, listing “the closed roads” and the “forbidden directions” that did not exist. before he entered the hospital. More simply, Eduardo Lozano hopes to “enjoy life and enjoy being alive”. Proof that he has not forgotten his long ordeal.

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