Covid-19: how many French people could benefit from the booster dose by Christmas?

The recall campaign opens this Saturday to all French people over 18, five months after the last infection or injection. More than 26 million people are potentially eligible for this dose by Christmas.

Faced with the fifth wave of Covid-19, the “third dose” of vaccine. In order to counter the epidemic resumption, Olivier Véran announced the opening to all adults, as of this Saturday, of the recall campaign, so far reserved for over 65s, five months after the last injection or infection.

Are concerned all over 18 years who have a complete vaccination schedule, that is to say who have already received two doses, or were infected before or after a single injection – nearly 47 million people, according to official data from Public Health France.

This booster dose “takes effect very quickly”, explained Patrick Berche, medical biologist and member of the Academy of Medicine, on BFMTV. “Two days later the antibodies are at a very high titre and there is very good protection, which is not the case for the first and second doses. It is an almost immediate effect.”

Fully vaccinated on July 23, boosted at Christmas?

Given this delay, all French people considered “fully vaccinated” on July 23 could claim the booster dose by December 23 and therefore benefit from an immune boost in time for Christmas, two more days. late.

In total, according to data from the health authorities, nearly 32.5 million people would be eligible, or just under one in two French people. More than 6 million of them have already received their booster dose.

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