Covid-19 report: number of cases down very slightly on November 23

The Ministry of Health, during the last assessment of Covid-19 contaminations, communicated this Wednesday, November 23, 2022, reports six (6) new contaminations recorded during the last 24 hours, while yesterday’s assessment listed seven (7) cases of contamination. This same report shows the same number of healing cases as yesterday, that is to say three (3).

As for the victims of the coronavirus epidemic, the report established by the department of the Minister of Health of Abdelhak Saihi, over the last 24 hours, does not report any death from complications linked to the Covid-19. 19.

What is the total number of contaminations since the start of the pandemic in Algeria?

In addition, the Ministry of Health specifies in its press release of this Wednesday, November 23, 2022, there are no hospitalized patients currently in intensive care.

To conclude, since March 2020, the coronavirus epidemic has appeared in Algeria, our country has recorded a total balance sheet amounting to 271,041 contaminations and 182,536 recoveries, while the number of deaths remains at 6,881.

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