Covid-19: return to wearing a compulsory mask indoors and outdoors in certain areas

Olivier Véran announced a series of measures to slow down the current epidemic recovery.

The Minister of Solidarity and Health Olivier Véran announced the strengthening of the wearing of the compulsory mask, during his press conference on Thursday. The government intends to slow down the current epidemic recovery by strengthening barrier measures in the country.

“An understandable relaxation when the virus was circulating less is observed (…) but the barrier gestures are invaluable tools to slow down the circulation,” said the Minister on Thursday.

Wearing a mask indoors is compulsory from Friday

Regarding the wearing of the mask, Olivier Véran made two announcements. First, the mask will now be mandatory indoors in public establishments receiving the pubic from this Friday. And this even with the health pass. While vaccination significantly reduces the risk of becoming infected or transmitting the virus, it does not completely prevent it. This is what the government wants to avoid.

“Compared to the fourth wave this summer, with the weather conditions in autumn and winter, we spend more time indoors than outdoors”, explains Olivier Véran.

In recent weeks, many establishments such as restaurants, bars or cinemas have exempted their employees and customers from masks after presentation of the health pass. It will now be necessary to wear it in all circumstances, except to eat.

Obligatory wearing of a mask outdoors in areas with high promiscuity

Then, the government will also impose the mask outside in areas with high promiscuity. This is particularly the case for the Christmas markets which open in many cities in France as the end of the year celebrations approach. Olivier Véran announces, moreover, that access to these Christmas markets will be subject to the health pass.

Olivier Véran also calls on the French to “resume good habits” in terms of barrier measures. He encourages you to wash your hands with hydroalcolic gel, to avoid squeezing your hands or kissing, to “re-adopt the reflex” of airing rooms or even cough and sneeze into your elbow.

In short, it is for the executive to take all measures not to impose heavier restrictions such as confinement or a curfew. The government wants to take advantage of the lead that France currently has on the fifth wave, to do better than its neighbors.

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