Covid-19: the government allows itself the possibility of using the health pass until July 31, 2022

The government spokesperson recalled that the epidemic was not behind us. For this reason, the possibility of using the health pass is extended until July 31, 2022.

“We assume to protect the country as on the first day.” Restrictive measures to fight Covid-19 are not yet completely behind us. During his traditional post-Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday, Gabriel Attal insisted that there was still a “significant risk of resumption of the epidemic”. If, to date, “most of the braking measures are no longer in force, we must be able to activate them without wasting time,” he argued.

“Until July 31, if and only if it is necessary, we will be able to supervise the activity of establishments open to the public and require a health pass”, explained Gabriel Attal, before ensuring that “if and only if the situation is worsening “,” decrees for a state of health emergency for 30 days “could be taken,” a period beyond which a law will have to be voted “.


A political decision that goes in the direction of the recommendations formulated by the Scientific Council. The body considers that the health authorities “must maintain a long-term legal capacity to act in the event of a new epidemic wave during the coming months”. These precautions must go through “the implementation, at any time, of levers to curb the epidemic but only to the extent and for the strictly necessary duration that justifies the reality of the risks”.

Thus, “the bill could provide that vigilance measures, such as the health pass, must not be triggered or extended unless the health situation justifies it and, conversely, must be able to be stopped temporarily or definitively in case of favorable development “, estimates the Scientific Council.

It is therefore the option that was presented this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers but this eight-month extension is cringe on the right and on the left, because it evacuates the debate of the campaign and the elections which will mark the first half of 2022. .

“There is no question of giving a blank check until July 31, 2022, it must be under the control of Parliament,” demanded the President of the Senate Gérard Larcher Tuesday on franceinfo. “This means that, in February, we will have to discuss again the continuation of the process of exiting the emergency,” he added.

4000 cases per day

Asked this Wednesday on BFMTV-RMC on the possibility of such a debate in February, Gabriel Attal stressed that there was going “to be a debate in Parliament on the basis of the text voted in the Council of Ministers” in which “we propose the date of July 31 “.

“This is not to say that we extend the health pass until July 31”, but to say that the government “gives itself the possibility of using it”, he insisted, calling for “vigilance” while “signals” in certain departments (Lozère, Pays de la Loire) “seem to show perhaps a tremor” of the epidemic.

The government spokesman indicated that France had “4000 cases per day on average and the situation is no longer improving. There are 18 departments where the incidence rate exceeds the alert threshold of 50”, a -he underlined, while specifying that the winter is “favorable” to the epidemic resumption.

Ambre Lepoivre with AFP BFMTV reporter

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