Covid-19: the number of tests on the rise again

The number of tests for the virus jumped 25% in a week in mid-June. A trend that follows that of the incidence rate, also on the rise.

Is a new wave of Covid-19 emerging? The numbers are still on the rise. The number of tests jumped 25% for the week of June 13 to 19, according to the latest data from the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) published this Thursday.

“Between June 13 and 19, 2022, 1,619,500 RT-PCR and antigen tests for the detection of SARS-Cov2 were validated (including 54.8% antigen tests), compared to 1,295,600 tests (including 53.9 % of antigenic tests) the previous week”, reports the DREES in a press release.

The number of tests is on the rise for all age groups, but more particularly among those under 16 (+45%), while those over 75 experience the smallest increase (+16%) .

In addition to antigen tests, salivary RT-PCR tests are also increasing (+36%) this week. A particularly notable success in children aged 11 or under, on whom more than three-quarters (76.6%) of the tests were carried out.

+50.1% new cases detected

The increase in the incidence rate also follows an upward curve. It goes from 323.4 on June 12 to 481.7 a week later, according to the latest figures from Public health France.

The figures are particularly high among 50-59 year olds (626.6) and 30-39 year olds (602.8) and lower among the youngest (266.6 incidence rate among 10-19 year olds) , probably linked to the lower number of tests performed compared to older people.

The number of new confirmed cases is on the rise, with 50.1% more cases in one week, as of June 22, still according to Public Health France.

The government on Tuesday called on the oldest to receive their second booster shot against Covid “as soon as possible”, as a “moderate epidemic recovery” begins.

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