Covid-19: there were four times fewer hospitalizations during the fourth wave than during the third

The drop in hospitalizations between the third and fourth wave of Covid-19 is explained in particular by vaccination.

There were four times fewer hospitalizations during the fourth wave of Covid-19 than during the third. This is indicated by the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) in a case published this week. According to the authors of this analysis, “a possible interpretation of this result is that, if the vaccination had not taken place, the hospitalizations during the fourth wave would have been much more numerous”.

The third wave (February-July 2021) was marked by the start of a vaccination campaign initially open to the elderly. The fourth wave (July-October 2021) was further influenced by the expansion of vaccination to the entire population, which began in June 2021.

More and more people vaccinated among patients with Covid-19

According to the DREES, “the median length of hospital stays is reduced from 9 to 7 days”, between the two periods studied. A decrease which is explained by “the rejuvenation of the hospitalized population”, but also by “vaccination”. The organization also specifies that 20% of people hospitalized during the fourth wave are under 40 years old, compared to 10% during the third wave.

Another lesson, “the proportion of people vaccinated among patients hospitalized with Covid-19 has increased over time”. The DREES nevertheless adds that “vaccinated persons are under-represented among hospitalized patients with regard to their share in the general population”. During the month of September 2021 (end of the fourth wave), they represent 37% of hospital admissions, compared to 67% of the general population.

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