Covid: 4th dose of vaccine increases immunity in people aged 50 to 80

According to research commissioned by the UK government and published in the scientific journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, a fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine further boosts immunity against infection caused by the coronavirus in people aged between 50 and 80 years. .

The study tested the Pfizer and Moderna immunizers on 160 people in the age group, and found that the booster boosted the amount of T cells by up to seven times and antibodies by 2.2 times. There were also no signs that indicate that the potency of vaccines decreases with each extra dose.

People who already had high levels of antibodies and T cells before receiving the fourth dose only had a small increase in immunity from the injection.

Despite the results, scientists still don’t know if it’s worth vaccinating younger populations with the booster, as they are already less prone to severe cases.


“We knew it was important to offer the fourth dose to the most vulnerable at the beginning of the year. this new study shows that this decision was correct, and gives confidence to the public that the booster is safe and more effective than the third dose,” says Professor Andrew Ustianowski from the UK’s National Institute for Health and Research. The institution is one of those responsible for the survey.

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