Covid, flu and bronchiolitis: a new 3-in-1 test soon available for children

An antigenic test capable of diagnosing three viruses at the same time must be put on sale. Still in the evaluation phase, it should make it possible to refine the diagnoses.

A new test to make life easier for parents? An antigenic test to test, especially children, for three viruses at the same time, Covid, influenza and RSV, responsible for bronchiolitis, should soon be put on the market.

The product has already been tested by some toddlers, like Hanna, 8, who tries it out in a medical office in Saint-Maur-des-Foss├ęs, in Val-de-Marne. It comes in the form of a tube that the patient must insert into the nose.

“I put it in a nostril, I turn four times”, explains the little girl in front of our cameras.

Refine diagnosis and prescription

Not yet on sale, the device is however already tested by certain practitioners and allows them to have a better view of the extent of certain epidemics.

“Today, 30% of our tests are positive for RSV, but that’s no wonder because the RSV epidemic started on October 1 and is still in full swing,” says pediatric infectious disease specialist Robert Cohen.

In addition, this type of test should allow health professionals to refine their diagnosis, as well as their prescription of drugs in the event of contamination of a patient with a virus.

“There is a tension in the supply of amoxicillin in adults, but also in children. This triple test will in many cases make it possible to avoid taking antibiotics for nothing”, greets the pharmacist Pierre- Olivier Variot, President of the Union of Community Pharmacists (USPO).

Tested with over 1000 children

For the moment still in the evaluation phase, the antigen test is not available for sale in pharmacies.

“It is a test that is already evaluated in a hundred centers and pediatric structures in France. More than 1000 children have already been screened with (this test)”, indicates Fabien Larue, director of the AAZ laboratory.

The High Authority for Health (HAS), which maintains surveillance of existing devices and their usefulness in the event of an epidemic, indicates that it has not yet been seized concerning this test.

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