Cowboy Bebop’s Japanese voices are back in the Netflix series

As you know, Netflix has a Cowboy Bebop series underway with real actors, which premieres on November 19. Before that, on October 21, the anime for the streaming service will also be launched for those who want to get acquainted with the series or just enjoy among the best Japan has ever produced.

After watching the original, it may feel strange to go from the well-known voices of John Cho and the others in the Netflix version, but now it turns out that this is a non-issue. Netflix reveals that the actors from the anime will dub the Japanese version of the new Cowboy Bebop. That means Koichi Yamadera plays Spike, Taiten Kusunoki plays Jet Black, Megumi Hayashibara plays Faye and so on.

This will be an exciting project, for lousy English (and Swedish) dubbing of Japanese series we have seen before, but this time it is the Japanese voices that will not fit in with the mouth movements in a series that is originally Japanese.

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