Cozy Grove: New autumn update now on all platforms

The fact that there has been a change of season and summer has been replaced by autumn is not only noticeable when you walk outside and walk to the supermarket between chestnuts and orange-red leaves. Even those who play video games, which are frequently updated with updates, have probably already been confronted with autumn.

First and foremost, of course, are life simulations such as Animal Crossing. But also the little indie brother Cozy Grove spoils players with a new autumn update and numerous features that should make their stay on the ghost island even more relaxing. Finally you can walk into the tent, hold rabbits and harvest fruit with music. Wait what?

The autumn update from Cozy Grove has that in its luggage

Yes, you read that right. You can at Cozy Grove (buy now 11,24 € ) now do your farm work musically. If you play your magical accordion, trees and bushes in your vicinity will delightfully drop their fruits, so that you can easily collect your harvest afterwards. Who would have thought that the local flora has a sense of music?

In addition, you can finally enter your tent and set it up to your heart’s content. If you’re done, but can’t really enjoy the beautiful furniture on your own, you should get one of the new, cuddly cats. The new ghost rabbits that you can tame from now on are at least as cute.

The square fox Arjun invites you to enjoy his favorite hobby with him: photography. The photo feature is not only implemented, but also linked to a mini-game. Last but not least, what would an autumn update be without Halloween? The SpryFox developers have come up with a lot of ideas, but this will remain a secret for the time being. Sure, October 31st is still a little way off. In any case, enough time to thoroughly enjoy the other new content.

Those: SpryFox

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