Crazy What She Eats In The Morning – The Queen’s Secret Meal Plan

So that’s how she was 95 years old …

When it comes to food, Queen Elizabeth is in the best of hands: Great Britain’s finest chefs spoil her with their favorite dishes, hand them to her on a silver platter.

When it comes to food, we can all learn a thing or two from the Queen

When it comes to food, we can all learn a thing or two from the QueenFoto: picture alliance / Photoshot

For breakfast there is toast with jam

According to Brian Hoey, author of “At Home with the Queen”, the Queen starts her day with a cup of Earl Gray tea – without milk or sugar. With a small side dish of biscuits. A little early breakfast, so to speak.

The main breakfast she takes in the private dining room in Buckingham Palace: toast and jam. She also reads the newspaper. Sometimes it can be yogurt with maple syrup or muesli, but only if it comes in Tupperware. According to Queen, this keeps the muesli fresher longer.

So far, so normal?

Thanks to the Queen employee Charles Oliver († 1965), from whose diaries and personal memories the book “Dinner at Buckingham Palace” reports, we know that at the royal breakfast table an atypical dish is also welcome. What is meant by that? Fish!

Her mouth is already watering - the queen and her fish: a love story

Her mouth is watering: The Queen and her fish, it’s a love storyFoto: picture alliance / empics

The book says that the queen has “since the war years had a preference for kippers (smoked herrings, editor’s note)”. At that time, she and her sister Princess Margaret († 71) lived together at Windsor Castle

Charles Oliver explained: “Kippers in many uncomplicated variations have been a favorite of the Queen ever since – for breakfast as well as a savory or late dinner.”

No pasta for lunch

For lunch there is fish with vegetables again, for example Dover sole on a bed of spinach.

She avoids starchy foods such as pasta or potatoes, reported the Queen’s former chef, Darren McGrady, to the magazine “House and Garden“.

Afternoon tea is sacred to the British royals

As a British woman, of course, the Queen also loves her afternoon tea. That is something of a sacred tradition. Favorite cake for black tea is honey-cream biscuit, ginger cake or chocolate biscuit cake.

The Queen also likes to eat jam pennies. These are little sandwiches with raspberry jam cut into the size and shape of an old English penny.

Tea time with Chancellor Angela Merkel

Tea time with Chancellor Angela MerkelFoto: picture alliance / empics

A sandwich is also a must, topped with cucumber, smoked salmon, mayonnaise or ham and mustard – with a cut-off crust, of course.

Cakes and tarts are a must!

Cakes and tarts are a must!Foto: picture alliance / AP Images

BILD aristocracy expert Alexander von Schönburg also knows how important afternoon tea is for the British royals: “Prince Charles once confessed to me that his family’s obsession with the five o’clock tea ritual is downright disturbing: ‘Everything comes to a standstill, everyone thinks only of cucumber sandwiches and tea. ‘ These legendary cucumber sandwiches are of course served with the edge cut off. Strangely enough, they have no corners! “

The heir to the throne of Schönburg also stated: “’In my family there are never, never square toasts,’ says Prince Charles, ‘that has something to do with an old superstition: If someone serves us food that has an edge, this becomes a portent seen that someone will try to overthrow us. ‘”

The Queen and her heir to the throne: Prince William, his son Prince George and Prince Charles (from left)

The Queen and her heir to the throne: Prince William, his son Prince George and Prince Charles (from left)Foto: picture alliance / empics

Meat, fish and vegetables for dinner

For dinner, the monarch is keen to experiment, at least within a certain framework. The Queen can prepare combinations of meat or fish and vegetables in a variety of ways.

Ex-Royal Chef McGrady: “As a main course she loved game, things like Gaelic steak, fillet steak with a mushroom whiskey sauce, especially when we made it with game.”

It was on the Queen's 90th birthday: Darren McGrady served Gaelic steak - the Queen's favorite dish

It was on the Queen’s 90th birthday: Darren McGrady served Gaelic steak – the Queen’s favorite dishFoto: picture alliance / empics

The queen’s love for fish reappears at dinner as well. “As a first course, she loved Gleneagles pie, which is made from smoked salmon, trout, and mackerel.”

Apparently the Queen likes regional ingredients. When she resides at Castle Balmoral in Scotland, the best salmon is said to come from the nearby river. If she is in Sandringham – her country estate in the east of England – the Queen wants to eat game or pheasant.

The Queen lets herself be led by a butcher - but meat is of secondary importance to her

The Queen lets herself be led by a butcherFoto: picture alliance / empics

According to McGrady, the food was said to have been mostly British and French during his tenure with the Royals. “We have a lot of traditional French food, like halibut on a bed of spinach with Mornay sauce.”

Fruit for dessert

For dessert, the queen should loudlyThe Independent“Love Balmoral strawberries and white peaches grown at Windsor Castle. She is also passionate about chocolate.

The Queen drinks that during the day

But not only solid food is on the Queen’s menu. According to various reports, alcohol should not be missing either. And what the monarch treats herself to is not exactly little.

Slurp ... the Queen likes it liquid

Slurp … the Queen treats herself to a glass of wineFoto: picture alliance / Photoshot

Like Queen Mum († 101), her daughter treats herself to a glass or two. The head of the royal family should however proceed according to a very strict pattern.

So the Queen indulges herself loudly “The Independent“Four drinks each day at precise times. No one less than her cousin Margaret Rhodes († 91) has vouched for the accuracy of the information.

The schedule for the day is as follows: Before lunch, she drinks a kind of cocktail made from gin and Dubonnet, with lots of ice and garnished with a lemon wedge.

The monarch may have a glass of wine for lunch and a dry martini in the evening. She then tips a glass of champagne before going to bed.

Gin save the Queen!

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