Creative Assembly makes a new sci-fi adventure

Although Creative Assembly is primarily known for its brilliant strategy games, many of us think that Alien: Isolation is the studio’s best title to date. And now the same team is preparing for a new sci-fi adventure, albeit without Xenomorphs.

This is revealed in the latest issue of Edge Magazine, where creative director Alistair Hope says the studio is working on a “as-yet-unnamed science-fiction FPS”which he claims will “drive for attention to detail and authenticity”. Authenticity to what, one might ask, and it becomes no less cryptic when he adds that the team undertakes to “understanding the source material”.

One thing is for sure though, and that is that the game is the first part in a brand new series, which is explained by product manager Rob Bartholomew:

“It’s our new IP, and it’s a world that we’re creating, and of course we’re wringing our hands over it and we really want to get that right. We want to understand what authenticity in a blue ocean or an open sky looks like, when you’ve got a blank page in front of you. “

Hopefully we do not have to wait unreasonably long before we get to know more, as this game has probably been under development for a long time already, given that the studio is now willing to talk about it.

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