Crime in Los Hornos: he cut a man’s neck, killed him and escaped by bicycle

In the last hours of Sunday there was the arrest of Mariano Vargas, a 53-year-old bricklayer who murdered a 54-year-old man in his house in Los Hornos, after having cut his throat with a knife.

The victim was identified as Andrés Catalano Silva and according to police information, he would have lived for several years with the man detained for homicide.

The tragic episode took place in a house in 154 bis between 58 and 59, where both would have had a heated discussion that ended with Catalano Silva dead. For his part, Vargas tried to escape on a bicycle but was stopped before.

After the altercation, the murderer left the crime scene leaving the victim with a severe cut to the neck. The neighbors managed to alert 911 to what was happening from the screams of Catalano Silva, who by the time the SAME troops and ambulance arrived, no longer had vital signs and his death was confirmed in that instant.

At that time, the officers mounted an operation to find the murderer who had escaped from the scene. A few hours later, they managed to find him riding a red bicycle with orange details while he tried to flee.

Prior to his arrest, Vargas had passed by his house located at 50 and 147, where he said goodbye to his children, grabbed a change of clothes and other personal valuables and then fled to an unknown destination.but before achieving it, he was approached by the police.

The Los Hornos Third police station began the investigation of the case labeled as “homicide” and began inquiries to find out the reasons that triggered the discussion that ended in tragedy.

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