Criminal matter: they robbed again in another school in La Plata

At the top of the school building were the 10 netbooks. It happened in Hernandez. Calles 132 bis and 510 / web

According to sources from the La Plata School Council, more than 60 percent of the City’s educational buildings do not have alarms or burglary prevention systems. The bars or padlocks that have been placed to date, in a desperate search to put a stop to the onslaught of crime, are not enough. That is why the 28 attacks registered since the end of 2021, some of them millionaires due to damage and dispossession.

The last case occurred in the town of Hernández, on 132 bis and 510 streets, where unknown persons entered the upper floor of Secondary School No. 93 through a sliding window, which had no barriers or other security measures.

Once inside the establishment, the thieves entered a room, where they found 10 netbooks, although it is unknown if these computers worked.

Spokespersons for the case mentioned that the devices, granted by the State, “were filed in the place about four years ago.”

The complaint of the fact was filed by the director of the establishment at the headquarters in the 13th Gonnet police station, for which the images of the neighborhood cameras were already requested from the Municipality, given the possibility that the perpetrators of the coup had been filmed by some dome

For now, apart from the field tasks, with personnel from the Hernández sub-station, in the search for data of interest for the investigation, the technological contribution would be the key to advancing on criminal responsibility in the case.

As is known, next week the local School Council would deal with the declaration of emergency in the public schools of La Plata, which are plagued by a situation of total insecurity, in a body session.

The project also pushes the request for a special item to provide educational establishments with alarms and other prevention measures, since more than half of the buildings that house students in the City do not have them.

Even, according to what the president of the School Council of La Plata, Nicolás Morzone, expressed in dialogue with this newspaper, “we plan to request an audience with Alberto Sileoni, general director of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires to update him on the situation and our initiative.

For Morzone, “any crime is reprehensible, but when it is in a public school, the impotence is double. There is a lot of sacrifice behind and the damage is to hundreds of families who trust in the institution. We are very concerned about these events and we hope that the Justice will act as soon as possible”.

As this newspaper published in a previous edition, the agency, due to its specific “metier”, has decided to present itself as a private victim in each of the criminal investigations that aim to clarify a robbery in an educational center in the City.

A few days ago, through a huge hole in a wall, a robbery was recorded at Elementary School No. 35 in Los Hornos, which is located at 155 and 90.

According to Marina, one of the mothers of the institution, “they broke everything and left the boys without food.”

“The alarm only sounded once and we don’t know what they could have done to inhibit the sensors,” she said indignantly.

In turn, he stated that almost 400 boys attend school with a full day of 8 hours, they ran out of food.

“For many children and families, it means the only daily meal that students have access to. They took milanesas, meat, noodles, tomato puree, and a processing machine, bought on July 4, for a value of 185,000 pesos, ”she closed indignantly.

Secondary School No. 17 in the El Mondongo neighborhood, located at 116 and 68, also received an unexpected visit from a group of vandals, who caused significant damage to different parts of the building and took home a millionaire loot: 40 netbooks, a television and cash.

Apparently, he accessed the place for the funds and after violating one of its accesses.

Due to this fact, the Police managed to identify the criminals and, through an operation called “Don Faustino Sarmiento”, was able to recover part of the loot.

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