Criminals pose as deputy Martín Cesino and offer dollars from a fake WhatsApp

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 6:21 p.m.

Provincial deputy Martín Cesino was the victim of identity theft by a group of criminals who offered dollars in his name. The criminals operate through the Whatsapp messaging application, writing to the deputy’s contacts, to whom they arrived from what would be the theft or duplication of their application database.

The deputy communicated through his account on the social network Facebook that the number from which possible victims are contacted is not his, although the writer does so using a photo of the deputy as an icon and his name. Police sources indicated that two cell phone numbers were detected, with characteristics of Buenos Aires, which are being used for this. On the one hand, +5491153833501, which the deputy reported on his social network. And +5491154755045, which is the number from which they contacted a missionary businessman with the intention of scamming him.

This missionary businessman quickly reacted to the event and contacted the deputy through the Legislator’s usual telephone number, who confirmed that it was not him with whom he exchanged messages on that number in Buenos Aires. The businessman continued the talk with the scammers, with the intention of exposing the situation, and thus came to find the name, the account and other information that the criminals use to obtain the money for a few dollars that they promise, but they will never deliver.

The talk

The criminals begin by introducing themselves to the potential victim as the deputy. “Hello XXX how are you?. I am Martín Cesino ”, he wrote. To then recommend the employer to “schedule the new number.” The first thing that surprised the businessman is that the provincial deputy is writing from a telephone with Buenos Aires characteristics. Quickly, while he kept the conversation open, he contacted the Legislator to verify the situation. This confirmed that it was not him, and that they were using his name to try a scam.

The businessman decided to follow the criminals’ game to show interest in acquiring dollars, and thus began a negotiation in which the deposit of the agreed money was insistently requested in an account of the NaranjaX application, in the name of Alicia Mariel Machado.

Below is the businessman’s talk with the criminals:

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