Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Preview: Gamble Out, Quality In

An oversized sword, spiky hairstyles, anime eyes and a lot of pathos: Final Fantasy 7 gets a re-remake over three games. But not only that: One of the most important spin-offs is also given a new interpretation in the course of this. We’re talking about Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, the story about Soldier member Zack, now subtitled Reunion. The catchy name belongs to a game that first saw the light of day on the PSP in 2007. This is a problem because the portable console has passed quite a few players. With just under two million units sold the title was nevertheless a success given the circumstances.

No wonder, after all, this is the prelude to Final Fantasy 7, one of the most popular titles in the series. To give you a sense of the dimensions, the original Final Fantasy 7 has over nine million copies and the first part of the three-part remake sold over five million copies. For many fans of the series who didn’t have a chance to play Crisis Core, it should now be a blessing to be able to play the new version.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion: New trailer reveals release date

You shouldn’t expect a real remake like the big brother, but Reunion is a little more than just a boring remaster.

The Crisis Core story follows Zack (left) and his involvement with Final Fantasy 7 characters like Cloud (right).

Source: Square Enix

Between remake and remaster

in one Interview with the Italian site Everyeye said creative producer Tetsuya Nomura that the additional title “Reunion” was deliberately chosen because it would avoid the question of whether it is a remake or a remaster.

Also interesting: Our interview with the developers of Crisis Core Reunion!

Classically, a remake requires a completely new development, in which new parts in terms of content also find their way into the game. Some of the subplots are enlarged and in some cases the game presents itself as a completely new product – such as Resident Evil 2.

In contrast, a remaster is understood to mean that textures are improved and the same game is simply presented in a prettier guise.

In the menu we decide which skills end up in the quick selection.

In the menu we decide which skills end up in the quick selection.

Source: Square Enix

According to Nomura, Crisis will bring Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (buy now ) not a pure remaster. After all, not only the graphics have been completely renewed, all figures have also been completely redesigned.

In addition, scenes that have not been synchronized have now received voice output and even the combat system has received an update that makes the aging system from PSP times much more user-friendly.

The new/old combat system

However, the basic mechanics during battles have not changed. So we hit enemy with normal attacks with the sword, dodge with rolls and have access to several skills such as special attacks and magic.

However, the operation is much easier and more intuitive. Skills no longer have to be laboriously selected via a tab, but are activated via shortcuts on the shoulder buttons.

It’s a lot quicker and we don’t have to pay as much attention to a menu when we’re actually trying not to get killed. Thankfully, the in-fight camera work has also been overhauled. In the original, there was a fixed camera perspective that didn’t really take objects or pillars blocking the view into account.

Now we control the camera with the right joystick and can thus control what is happening much better. According to the developers, the fights are generally faster than before and are based on Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Using the shortcuts (bottom right) we are now much faster using skills than we were in the original 2007 PSP part.

Using the shortcuts (bottom right) we are now much faster using skills than we were in the original 2007 PSP part.

Source: PC games

The limit brake system has also been revised, which spins its gambling rounds like a one-armed bandit in the form of the Digital Mind Wave at the top left. No, of course there are no loot boxes or actual gambling in Crisis Core.

Instead, the images of NPCs and numbers rotate through and if the right combination happens to come up, we get bonuses. This happens when several identical numbers or the same image appear three times. In the first case, either our mana values, attack points or life points increase, in the second case we trigger a special attack.

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