Cristián Basaure and the case of Williams Alarcón: “In La Calera he has gained continuity and confidence, he has evolved”

The former soccer player analyzed the performance of the player trained in Colo Colo in the cement team after leaving on loan from the Monumental Stadium. “It’s a strong change and you have to be willing to do that,” he said.

Alarcón gained a lot of continuity playing in La Calera.
© ONE Agency.Alarcón gained a lot of continuity playing in La Calera.

Until recently, Williams Alarcón was one of the good projects that Colo Colo had in midfield. The midfielder saw a lot of action in the season that the Cacique played for not descending in 2020 and in the middle of 2021 he chose to go out on loan so as not to lose continuity.

His destination was Unión La Calera, where he has been constant both in 2021 and in the present 2022, something necessary considering that he still has a contract with Cacique and that he must return to the Monumental Stadium soon.

His good present led him to be considered for this second microcycle of the Chilean U23 team, a team that has been working on Juan Pinto Durán for some time with a view to the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023.

One who analyzed Alarcón’s present was Cristián Basaure, who as a commentator on the RedGol program in La Clave stated that “I think that when a footballer doesn’t have many options to play for the club that formed him, he should hopefully go out on loan, because he continues to be an asset for the club. You always have to row it and continue. If you don’t have the possibility, it’s super good to go out on loan, because you come out of a bubble. It is a strong change and you have to be willing to do so”.

Williams Alarcón always seemed like a good footballer to me when he entered Colo Colo. It happens that he had few minutes, and in La Calera he has won that, which is continuity and confidence. Playing you evolve yes or yes. You are more likely to grow up,” she added.

In that sense, Basa concluded that “the idea is how to develop after going out on loan. There will always be differences between footballers. It’s not just going on loan, but how I manage, how I impose myself in a new club or how much I earned in that club. There are several elements that come together.

Alarcón has played 25 games this season with Unión La Calera, in addition to the 10 he played in the second half of 2021. Will he get another chance when he returns to Cacique?

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