Cristián Basaure celebrates that the Cacique rejects Martins’ option: “He is a footballer who even used Colo Colo at the time”


The former player and now a commentator appreciated the gesture of Edmundo Valladares, who gave his face after the board meeting and gave details of the negotiations for 2022. “That is what at least I always ask of the managers”

Martins chose a few months ago to stay at Cruzeiro in Brazil.
© Getty Images.Martins chose a few months ago to stay at Cruzeiro in Brazil.

In Colo Colo they are already planning for the 2022 season, having during yesterday a key meeting in the board of Blanco y Negro, where possible reinforcements and the renewal of some key players of the current squad were analyzed.

One of the possible new players was Marcelo Moreno Martins, a Bolivian player who was already close to arriving a few months ago, but who At the last minute, he opted to stay at Cruzeiro in Brazil after his conditions improved.

After the board meeting, the president of the concessionaire, Edmundo Valladares, made it clear that they are not at all interested in having the Bolivian forward, arguing that they are looking for other options.

Cristián Basaure celebrated this position of the alba leadership, arguing in RedGol in La Clave that “The statement by Edmundo Valladares seems extraordinary to me. That is what at least I always ask of managers; go out, talk, show up, say ‘this is what we are doing’. First he clarifies about Leonardo Gil and then he closes the door on a footballer who even used Colo Colo at the time ”.

In that sense, the commenter stated that “Regardless of whether it is Colo Colo or another team, these statements by Valladares are a way of loving and respecting each other (…) It seems to me that Colo Colo has to look for other options.”

“If someone rejected you at the time, I am not saying that they cannot come in the future, but we are talking about this being a few months ago. It is not that five years have passed and the life and career of Moreno Martins changed “Basaure concluded.

At the moment in Colo Colo they are still looking for options and ensuring the good elements of 2021, as is the case of Emiliano Amor and Pablo Solari. With Leonardo Gil they continue negotiating, but they are hopeful that everything will come to fruition.

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