Cristián Droguett dismisses the penalty against Marcos Bolados

Colo Colo began to improve in the attack game in the first half, where little by little, he began to arrive very dangerously at the Rancaguino portico. However, the controversy was not alien to this game with a penalty that was not sanctioned for the Cacique.

Instance by which, in one of the attacks that concretized the white square in the right sector, where Óscar Opazo searched for the center of Pablo Solari, the ‘Pibe’ managed to connect the ball to the bottom line to get a center looking for the white forwards.

It was at this time, where in a series of rebounds, the ball was turned around the edge of O’Higgins’ gate and with the latent presence of Marcos Bolados.. The forward tried at all costs to be able to put the ball into the goal to open the scoring, a situation that could not be specified.

The forward wanted to get closer to the ball but the goalkeeper of the local team prevented the forward from passing, obstructing his path and knocking him down inside the area. The play continued to be disputed until the call of the VAR.

In this part of the commitment, the match judge, Cristián Droguett, ended up going to see the play after the call. After this, and seeing all the cameras provided, he decided not to sanction the penalty in favor of Colo Colo and to whistle a foul by Bolados prior to this situation.

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