Cristiano Ronaldo: they filter video of anger with Cuadrado in Juventus dressing room

Share the wardrobe with Cristiano Ronaldo It is not a day in the park and that has been experienced Juan Guillermo Cuadrado who got into a verbal quarrel with the Portuguese after his exasperated complaint to his teammates during the match that put the classification of Juventus to the quarterfinals of the Champions League in front of Porto.

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The ‘Bug’ sensed that the night was coming for the ‘Old lady‘and entered the locker room made a demon. “We’re going to do something else, what the f …!, We don’t touch anything. We play like shit … always“Exploded the locker room Mr. Champions to the surprise of his companions.

The only one who dared to put a brake on it was Juan Guillermo Cuadrado who took him by the shoulder to try to calm him down. “You have to be an example for everyone“, He said amid the cries of the ‘Bug’ who was looking for a reaction in his companions. “Relax, let’s recover. Quiet”, Expressed the Colombian midfielder.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Cuadrado meet in Juventus dressing room (Source: All or Nothing)

Cristiano Ronaldo: “You have to have personality”

The Portuguese also did not remove the body from responsibility in the bad game of the team “I include myself too eh, we are not playing anything. You have to tell the truth“But it continued to explode:”It’s a Champions match! You have to have personality!”. The fever was useless, as Juventus could not avoid elimination at the hands of the Portuguese team.

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This lack of reaction from his peers would be one of the reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo he looked for his way out of Juventus, despite having one more year of contract. CR7 had a successful step in the Turin box with 101 goals scored in 134 games. Won two Serie A titles and two Italian Super Cup and one Italian Cup. However, the Champions League it was the pending task during the three years that he was in Italy.


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