Cristina Cordula complexed, she talks about her relationship to the body

Cristina Cordula hasn’t always been so sure of herself and her physique. She confides in her complexes and the relationship she has with her body.

Every evening, Cristina Cordula carefully examines the outfits proposed by the candidates of the Pure you shopping. And for once, the host of M6 also lends itself to the game during an exceptional week. Indeed, the image consultant in turn becomes a candidate for the program that she has been running for many years. And it must be said that she has the pressure! Although she displays a serene and confident demeanor, Cristina Cordula has not always been in harmony with herself. During an interview conducted for Girl Scouts, she evokes her physical complexes.

“I was not very good about myself”

When she was younger, the host of Pure you shopping had trouble accepting himself:I had a complex with me, with my body. I was not very good about myself when I was 13, she confides. Very young teenager, she explains that the boys did not look at her, in spite of her size: “I was very very tall (she is 1.76 m NLDR). And at the same time, I wanted to be a model“. But things have changed since for this unconditional fan of fashion. In 1994, the beauty queen became the mother of little Theo. Then, on June 6, 2017, she married the man of her life, the French businessman Frédéric Cassin, during a romantic ceremony in Capri.

Cristina Cordula takes over!

After many years of seeing herself on the screen without actually accepting herself, Cristina Cordula has finally managed to pass the milestone during her forties. “Age helps a lot to mature and gain confidence. It’s good because when we arrive in our fifties, we are at the cleat!“She reveals. Finally at peace with herself, the host is now a fulfilled woman. I am more comfortable with my body!, she confides. An inner well-being that she possesses, despite the passing years: “When you get older, you see yourself getting older and it’s not easy. Today, my body is not at all the same as it used to be. But it’s a war I can’t win“. But whatever, the one who recently celebrated her 57th birthday is happy:”Everyone ages, everyone takes their age and we have to live with it. You have to try to age as well as possible.”

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