Cristina Kirchner warned that her lawyers will undress "the scripted farce" of the prosecutors of the Vialidad Cause

This Monday from 8 in the morning the arguments of the defense of Cristina Kirchner will begin in the trial known as ‘Causa Vialidad’, the lawfare that the media-political-judicial opposition chose to proscribe the vice president.

This Sunday, Cristina warned on the networks that her lawyers will undress “the scripted farce” of prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola.

He also targeted the opposition media and asked if Clarín and La Nación will broadcast the hearing live as they did with the prosecutors’ accusations.

Tweet by Cristina Kirchner

“Tomorrow, starting at 8 a.m., Dr. Alberto Beraldi begins my defense argument in the trial known as “Viality.” Listen carefully as he undresses the scripted farce of prosecutors Luciani and Mola. Will Clarín and La Nación broadcast it? ?” CFK wrote on their networks. In the publication, he posted the link of the official live broadcast that the Federal Oral Criminal Court of CABA No. 2 will carry out on his YouTube account.

How is the trial going?

Monday and Tuesday, his two lawyers, Carlos Alberto Beraldi and Ariel Llernovoy, will speak, while on Friday Cristina will be a lawyer in her own cause, closing the allegation.

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