Cristina showed with facts the "results of using the pen"

In a new demonstration of the tension between how government is governed and what she thinks should be done, Cristina showed another example of how she brought dollars into the country. “The dollars that the economy needs and the jobs that the people need,” she stressed.

“Illustrative note from DiarioAR on the results of the “use of the pen”: dollars demanded by the economy and genuine work that the people need are generated. In other words… Governing, that’s what it’s all about,” said the former president in a message that accompanies the publication of a note that accounts for the case of the company Newsan, a leading importer of household appliances and in turn the country’s main exporter of fish.

“The company that CFK “forced” to export fish to balance imports announced its first shipment of trout to Japan,” is the title of the text and the information details that “the vice president gave it as an example (to Newsan) of firms that in 2011 complied with his demand to balance the outflow and inflow of dollars”.

Tweet by Cristina Kirchner

The note says that “in a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Julián Domínguez, directors of Newsan announced the first export of rainbow trout to Japan.”

“Without mentioning it directly, Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had referred to this company on Monday, at the CTA event for Flag Day, when recalling a measure that she implemented during her last government to prevent the loss of dollars from the Central Bank,” the text continues.

There it is also specified that “after criticizing an alleged ‘import festival’ allowed by the current administration, the vice president went back to 2011 and spoke of the case of ‘an electronic device company based in Tierra del Fuego’ that needed to import supplies And I was spending more dollars than I was making.

“What did we do? We kindly suggested that he find an activity that balanced the scales. He bought boats, he dedicated himself to fishing and during the four years the ‘I told you (referring to former president Mauricio Macri) did better with fishing than with what he was doing in Tierra del Fuego,” said the vice president during her presentation at the CTA plenary.

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