Cristina’s defense began her argument and remarked that she will prove false accusations

Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s lawyer, Carlos Beraldi, began his final argument before the Federal Oral Court 2 in the Vialidad case and stressed that he will demonstrate “With all the legal instruments that exist, the charges were false.”

“We do not lower our arms at any time,” remarked Beraldi and stressed that “the truth always triumphs and that is what happened in this trial” because “it was demonstrated” that the accusation “lacked credibility” and was “false and unfounded “

The former president faces a request for a sentence of 12 years in prison and disqualification for life to hold public office by federal prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola, as alleged “head” of illicit association and fraudulent administration.

The lawyers Carlos Beraldi Y Ary Llernovay They will present their final argument in three days, Monday, Tuesday and Friday of this week, and will conclude with a claim for acquittal. For Friday, the Vice President plans to speak before judges Jorge Gorini, Andrés Basso and Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu in use of her right to exercise her own defense for her profession as a lawyer; something that she will also do virtually.

Cristina Kirchner had requested, through her lawyers, to extend her investigative statement in August, after the prosecutor’s request for sentences and to exercise her right to defense for accusations that had not been included in the request to bring the case to trial, but the The Court rejected the proposal considering that the next stage to listen to the accused will be their “last words” during the arguments prior to the verdict.

This Sunday, Cristina invited to listen “Sincerely” the allegation in which “strip the farce” of prosecutors Luciani and Mola.

“Tomorrow (for today), starting at 8 a.m., Dr. Alberto Beraldi begins my defense argument in the trial known as “Viality”. Listen carefully as he undresses the scripted farce of prosecutors Luciani and Mola. Will he broadcast it? Clarín and La Nación?”, the Vice President wrote on her Twitter account, where she also attached the link to watch the live broadcast on YouTube.

The prosecutors’ request for conviction on Monday, August 22, triggered the following days demonstrations of support for the Vice President in the surroundings of her apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, until on September 1, in the middle of one of those concentrations Fernando Sabag Montiel tried to kill her by firing a gun at her face.

After the allegation of the Vice President, it remains to listen to the defenses of six other defendants, including that of the businessman and owner of Austral Construcciones Lázaro Báez.

Once the arguments conclude, a stage known as the replies and rejoinders of the parties will open, to then begin the last words and finally the verdict.

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