Cristy Solís makes the business that started in the pandemic prosper

Marco Antonio Solis, “El Buki”, is undoubtedly one of the most successful singer-songwriters in our country. Songs like “Your prison”, “make me up” either “Where is my spring” They have allowed him to win the affection and recognition of his followers, but he has also managed to garner hundreds of awards internationally.

Marco Antonio Solis He has been married to the Cuban model for more than 20 years Christy Soliswith whom he has even managed to form a solid and beautiful family. Christy accompanies whenever he can “Buki” in each of her tours and commitments, but the Cuban woman is also in charge of keeping the family businesses up to date.


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Marco Antonio Solis and Cristy Solis opened a luxurious and exclusive hotel in the town of Morelia (Mexico) which is called Solis Mansion. Cristy is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly at the hotel.

$!Cristy Solís does not sit still and takes advantage of every opportunity to undertake.

Cristy Solís does not sit still and takes advantage of every opportunity to undertake.

If one wishes to stay in solis mansion, one can get to spend from the 4 thousand 379 Mexican pesos up to 23 thousand pesos. Christy Solis He has even shared photos and videos of the hotel on his account on several occasions. Instagram. The place is beautiful and many fans of Marco Antonio Solis have stayed in the place with the hope of meeting the “Buki” during your stay.


$!Marco Antonio Solís has made his business a success.

Marco Antonio Solís has made his business a complete success.

Marco Antonio Solis and Cristy Solis they opened Solis Mansion during the pandemic. It was quite a challenge, since it was not a good time for tourism, but in spite of everything, they did very well. As if all this were not enough, recently Christy was encouraged to open a new business.


The Cuban model recently celebrated the first year of her latest venture: a spa, which is called “Love in silence”. “A dream fulfilled. Thanks to all our team for their excellence in services”wrote the wife of Marco Antonio Solis in a story he posted on Instagram.


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