Criticism of Cagliardi’s management grows throughout the political arc of Berisso

The management of the mayor of Berisso, Fabián Cagliardi, was again the target of criticism this Thursday. The referent of Third Position and former candidate for mayor, Emmanuel Guerrero, argued that the communal chief “defrauded” the neighbors who voted for him and assured that “he does not find the north”.

In radio statements, Guerrero assured that the situation in Berisso is “sad” and criticized the mayor for choosing people who “are not from the city” as officials.

“The neighbor of Berisso relied on a management that leaves much to be desired for several things, due to its structure at the public works level and that we hear the neighbors complain that they do not fix the streets, every time we walk the neighborhoods we hear the same complaints and nobody gives him a solution”, said the leader referenced with the national deputy Graciela Camanowho ran for the Deliberative Council in the 2021 elections.

Guerrero considered that “The saddest thing is hearing the neighbors say ‘I trusted this administration and the truth is that it disappointed me’ and that leaves someone who has always sought the opportunity to manage the reins of the city in a bad way, because one knows how and the truth is that today those who lead the city do not find the north”.

“Everything is purely and exclusively the responsibility of the mayor, over the last few months we have seen many officials who have left or resigned because there are many things in which they do not agree with him and today they are thinking of generating an internship for him”he added.

He also assessed that “one of the big problems is that many officials are not from Berisso, we don’t stop being a people because we all know each other” and asked himself “what use is an engineering degree if you don’t go down to the neighborhoods and Do you talk with the neighbors about what are the problems?

“There are things to solve and I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m not saying it’s impossible either. The best councilor is the one who is out on the street talking to the neighbors and listening closely to the problems,” he also said in a criticism of the ruling councilors.

In the end, Guerrero assured that in their space they are open to dialogue. “We as Third Position are open to dialogue with any front, it is clearly seen in the actions of Graciela Camaño in the Chamber of Deputies because she always raises her hand in favor of the citizens.”

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