Criticism of the preparations for the vaccination in Stockholm

An independent evaluation of Region Stockholm’s handling of the corona pandemic has now been released. The comprehensive report from the consulting company KPMG shows, among other things, that the region has met the vaccination targets that SKR has agreed with the Government.

“Challenges for vaccinators”

However, the report states that the preparations for the mass vaccination at large clinics around the county have been deficient. The conclusions state, among other things:

“The decision to use vaccination clinics for the broad vaccination was made late in relation to when the vaccination was planned to start, which meant challenges for the vaccinators to establish completely new vaccination clinics in a short time.”

At the beginning of October 2021, over 80 percent of the inhabitants received the first dose, and over 70 percent received the second dose.

Below you hear the responsible regional councilor Désirée Pethrus (KD)

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The Christian Democratic Regional Council blames poor planning for delayed vaccine deliveries.

Here are link to the full final report on the region’s management of the pandemic.

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