Criticized for her medical studies, the ex-Miss Marine Lorphelin replied!

Elected Miss France 2013, Marine Lorphelina has since come a long way in her medical studies. Criticized on Instagram, she does not let it go and responds.

Who says end of the year, says beauty contest: the 29 regional Misses flew to Reunion to work on the ceremony of Miss France 2022 which will take place on Saturday 11 December. As for Clémence Botino and April Benayoum, the two young women are preparing to represent France respectively at Miss Universe and Miss World, two competitions which will take place in December. For his part, Marine Lorphelin, elected Miss France 2013, resumed her studies once her reign ended. Dreaming of becoming a doctor, she has given herself the means in recent years to achieve her goals.

“Une Miss or a model cannot be taken seriously “

The metropolis is over! Marine Lorphelin left to live in New Caledonia to be alongside her fiancé whom she is eager to marry. On site, the Miss finishes her studies by doing a six-month internship in gynecology. And when she can, she takes the time to popularize medicine on her Instagram account, which does not please all of her subscribers. Criticized by a subscriber for being “Influencer model doctor“, she did not let go.”Proud to be Madam“, she retorts. The young woman does not accept to be judged because of her past experiences:”Definitely, it bothers you especially when it’s me, other health influencers aren’t told they’re stupid or oddly useless. Well yes, becausea Miss or a model cannot be taken seriously“, regrets Marine Lorphelin.

You are free to trust your grandmother more

It happens regularly to Marine Lorphelin to inform her community on various topics concerning health. And even though she’s a Miss, she feels completely legitimate: “In fact, there are many things you can do in life and do it seriously. I have been practicing medicine for more than 3 years already as an intern“, defends the young woman. So yes, she still has a lot to learn, but her subscribers are numerous to appreciate her little lessons on Instagram:”I strongly believe in the benefits of doing prevention in medicine, so that’s what I do on my networks (…) I am asked to popularize, to explain“And what does it matter if a minority does not appreciate this approach: You are free to trust your grandmother more.

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