Cross-play for KOF XV, better netcode for Samurai Shodown

In the case of Samurai Shodown, the developers are planning a netcode update for online play on almost all platforms except the Switch due to technical limitations according to the team. It will nevertheless be necessary to be patient before playing online with a minimum of latency, because the integration of the rollback netcode should not occur before spring 2023.

As for KOF XV, this time it is a question of extending the cross play to machines other than the two PlayStations. While the team is currently working hard to include this feature and bring all players together, again we will have to wait until 2023 to see the fruits of it.

In the meantime, we can always take advantage of future waves of characters in DLC, the arrival of the team Awakened Orochi being scheduled for August 8th. Another season of downloadable content is already on the program, but the publisher is giving an appointment on Sunday night for new announcements related to its future projects.

Until then, fans of the franchise can still turn to the musical segment broadcast on the occasion of the most prestigious fighting games tournament, a cool little session that revisits some emblematic themes, from Arashi no Saxophone at Soy Sauce for Geese. Twenty-four minutes of pleasure to find below.

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