Crosses and Chicanas between the ruling party and the opposition due to the Capital Rate

The lawsuit initiated by the mayor Julio Garro Against the government of the province for the debt in terms of Capital Rate generated crosses and chicanes between the ruling party and the opposition in this Wednesday’s session in the Deliberative Council.

The sparks occurred when the decree for the Council to accompany Garro’s decision to initiate a lawsuit against the Government of Axel Kicillof for the debt in concept of Capital Rate that amounts to 1,133,000,777 pesos.

The president of the Frente de Todos bloc, Cristian Vander, announced that Peronism was not going to accompany the initiative of Together for Change and was the councilor of the GEN, Gaston Crespo, who took the floor to defend the decree. He said he did not understand how if the neighbors pay off their debts for the rates, the Province, which has much more back, cannot do it. And he recalled that for many years the Council has been demanding the payment of the Capital and that projects have even come out “unanimously” in that sense.

“This Council has voted unanimously for many years, even with governments of the same political opposition, as the governor, that the Province pay in a timely manner. We are talking about a right of the people of La Plata and a duty of the Government, the political sign does not matter, “argued Crespo.

Vander chicaneled it and fired: “Well, the Province did not lower resources for this Government during the pandemic.” Your bench mate, Guillermo “Nano” DearHe also asked for the floor and asked the ruling party why they never raised the claim in court while María Eugenia Vidal was the governor and treated them as incoherent. “There was never any formal project in the Council,” said Cara and added: “There was never a talk between the Mayor and Governor Vidal. They always worked as a bloc and in a harmonized manner so that there is never even the slightest proposal for the rate of capitality “.

The vice president of the body, Javier Mor Roig, also came out in defense of Garro’s initiative and recalled that there was a presentation of all the legislators to request the payment of the Capital when Daniel Scioli he was governor. “The important thing is that once and for all the people of La Plata we can access the rate. We are voting on a decree that has already been voted by this body,” he clarified, trying to leave the crosses behind.

The councilor of the Front of All, Marcela lopez, then asked to speak arguing that Together for Change “uses judicialization as a tool when it suits it” and recalled that the government of Mauricio Macri “he used it as a weapon of political persecution.” And the chicaneó: “They had a governor with whom they could have resolved the issue. What happened there? You don’t have to play a lie, truth. Everything else is chatter.”

The one who picked up the glove this time was the mayor of Juntos, Francesco Arriaga, who accused Kirchnerism of “speaking fallacies.” “It is a job of the opposition to deny the fallacies used by the Kirchnerists, such as the court cases against the vice president. Cristina Kirchner. I suppose that’s what the councilor refers to, “she said and clarified:” Only one cause was started during the Macri government, the rest were not. ”

During the session, the Preparatory Tax Ordinances of the Municipality of La Plata for fiscal year 2022 and the Preparatory Ordinance of the Tax Regime for the Administration of the La Plata Regional Market were also approved, in addition to the request for a license from Mayor Julio Garro for 15 business days , between the period of December 19, 2021 and February 28, 2022.

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