Crown Prince Frederik invited to the funeral – but Victoria was stopped

Crown Prince Frederik got to say goodbye to Elizabeth in London, but not Victoria. Here is the truth behind the decision.

Here the king and Silvia arrive – place of honor in the front row

After the commercial: Here the king and Silvia arrive – place of honor in the front row


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On Monday, royals from around the world were at Westminster Abbey to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth. But not Victoria.

At the same time, her Danish counterpart, Crown Prince Frederik, was present.

Why wasn’t our crown princess allowed to join? And what did she do when the funeral took place? Swedish Women sort it out.

Therefore, Crown Prince Frederik was allowed to come and not Victoria

Last week, Svensk Dam was able to reveal that only the king and Silvia will attend the queen’s funeral.

The reason? Victoria is simply “a notch too far down”.

So of course some confusion arose when the Danish press reported that Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary would attend?

A question mark was resolved only days later. Mary’s invitation was a mistake, Danish reported See and Hear then:

– There has been a regrettable error in the invitation from the British Foreign Ministry’s protocol, the Royal Palace’s communications department told the newspaper Ritzau, according to the site.

And indeed, Margrethe and Frederik were the only representatives of the Danish royal house at the funeral.

Queen Margrethe and Danish Crown Prince Frederik

Margrethe and Frederik in connection with Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

But why did Frederik get to go but not Victoria?

The reason is simple. The crown prince walked completely in the place of his late father, King Henrik.

If Henrik was alive, then Frederik would not be present, just as was the case with Victoria.

Here, the Queen’s dogs say goodbye – the heartbreaking picture

Crown Princess Victoria’s farewell to Elizabeth

So Victoria didn’t get to say goodbye to Elizabeth in London but the Crown Princess still honored the Queen in her own way.

On Monday, the same day as the funeral, she visited the Church of England and the British ambassador’s residence in Stockholm.

With Prince Daniel by her side, she lit candles and wrote condolences.

Crown Princess Victoria lights candles for Queen Elizabeth

On Monday, Victoria lit candles for Queen Elizabeth. Photo

Sara Friberg/Kingl.Hovstaterna

Crown Princess Victoria

The Crown Princess couple also wrote condolences. Photo:

Sara Friberg/Kingl.Hovstaterna

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

The Crown Princess couple honored Queen Elizabeth. Photo:

Sara Friberg/Kingl.Hovstaterna

Monday was hard for our entire royal family. After all, the king was not only friends with Elizabeth, they were also related – twins to be exact.

Something that the king also took care of in his statement after Elizabeth’s death:

“With sadness, my family and I have today received the news that my dear relative, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, has passed away,” he wrote at the time, among other things.

Photo: TT

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