Crown Princess Victoria’s sudden collapse – after the court’s change

Crown Princess Victoria Queen Letizia

A day of sharp throws – even for the royal family: Suddenly, Crown Princess Victoria appeared with Queen Letizia.

What a thrilling day and what government chaos! But Sweden’s stable royal family continued to work calmly, at the same time as Magdalena Andersson was elected and resigned as prime minister the same day, before she even had time to take office.

And at the same time as the Green Party’s Prime Minister left the government, just hours after they welcomed the Spanish royal couple to Stockholm Castle.

But the Spanish state visit thus rolled on exactly according to plan, this historic day. Albeit with a wonderful jump-in!

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Crown Princess Victoria Queen Letizia Queen Silvia State visit from Spain 2021 Karolinska Institutet

This is what it can look like when two queens and a crown princess make their entrance.


Crown Princess Victoria suddenly hung up, even though it was not intended to be so from the beginning: The intention was that Queen Silvia and her guest Queen Letizia would spend the afternoon on their own.

Queen Letizia in Sweden – the first Spanish state visit in 42 years

And Victoria spread really nice energy, with flowers in her hair knot and a pair of brilliant light blue pumps that exactly matched the dress from Andiata.

Crown Princess Victoria Queen Letizia

Crown Princess Victoria unexpectedly accompanied Queen Letizia.


The place was Karolinska Institutet and the seminar on disability and rare diagnoses that Queen Letizia had wanted to participate in. With her home to Madrid, she now gets many new perspectives on how collaborations between the private and public sectors can increase the quality of life for people with rare diseases and disability.

And by his side, this royal trio actually also had Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren. Despite the government crisis.

Crown Princess Victoria Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren Government crisis State visit

Crown Princess Victoria and Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren at Karolinska this afternoon.

Claudio Bresciani / TT

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Photo: TT.

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