Crown removed from Elizabeth’s coffin; public funeral ends

London England.- During the last religious service for Queen Elizabeth at St George’s Chapel, inside the Windsor complex, the crown jewels were separated from the late monarch’s coffin.

With the religious service in the Chapel of Saint George, attended by some 800 guests, the public acts of the Queen’s funeral concluded. After her there will be a private ceremony in which the monarch will be buried by her direct relatives.

In accordance with British tradition, the Crown Jeweler removed the Imperial State Crown, Orb and Scepter from the top of the coffin. After this they were placed on the altar of the chapel by the Dean of London. Afterwards, the jewels will be returned to the Tower of London. Later, King Carlos III placed a banner of the Queen’s Company on the coffin.

The Queen arrived at the chapel on Monday after a procession from Westminster Abbey in London, where some 2,000 dignitaries from around the world attended as guests. The coffin was first carried in a historic gun carriage to Wellington Arch and from there a funeral procession drove the remains to Windsor Castle.

She will rest with her husband Felipe

Queen Elizabeth II will be buried on Monday in the little-known “memorial” to George VI, an annex to the so-called St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, alongside her parents, her sister Margaret and her late husband Philip.

Unlike other members of the British royal family, he will not stay in the royal crypt located in the basement of this 15th-century building, which despite being called a “chapel” is a spacious church.

The remains of Felipe, who died in April 2021, currently rest in the crypt, but they will be transferred on Monday to the “memorial”, a chapel attached to the main building, following the queen’s last will.

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