Cry and beer: the “regrets” for the application for a mobility pass at Oktoberfest

The drop in the levels of infections in a pandemic, courtesy of the vaccination process, will allow some events to take place again that simply had to be canceled during the past year. Yes, courtesy that there was no way to fight COVID-19 courtesy of the absence of vaccines.

One such event is the Oktoberfest in the Munich park of Malloco. The same that will take place during the days October 23, 24, 30 and 31. Of course there is no minor detail, these will be carried out with limited capacity and the requirement of mobility pass.

In the current scenario, the above led to the emergence of multiple comments about that requirement.

“It seems disrespectful to ask for a mobility pass .. But well, a year without oktoberfest and it was, more cheap at home and with friends,” lamented a Facebook user. «Pass mobility … there shit everything … I never failed … Now not a shine», lamented another person without their vaccines. And there was no shortage of the one who spoke of a “discrimination pass.”

A collection of those messages went viral on Twitter. Obviously in mockery mode for distrust of science.

It is not the only beer event that has this obvious requirement that a handful of people today still refuse to meet.

For example, the same happens with an initiative Valpobier Beer Festival of the Fifth Region.

And unsurprisingly, in the comments of his posts there are also the regrets against the pass in question. As a sample, a button:

And obviously that “planddemic cry” generates mockery on Twitter, as is the case in the following message.

The request for the mobility pass was installed as a requirement of the health authorities to contain the levels of contagion of a pandemic that has generated more than 37 thousand deaths in Chile.

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