CSD Colo Colo exceeds 30 thousand members per day

The commitment of the Colo Colo fan has never been in doubt, who expressed their unconditionality in the midst of the club’s worst historical moment. One proof of this was that the membership list increased considerably even before the possibility of reopening the stadiums was debated.

And in the midst of the euphoria for the Cacique’s sweet present, this commitment continues to increase, since the Colo Colo Social and Sports Club exceeded 30 thousand members a day, that is, six times more than there were before the start of the pandemic.

Several are the measures that have helped to increase this social base. Since May a reform in the statutes came into effect that allows defaulters to eliminate their registration as such and re-register without debt. There is also the possibility of returning to the Monumental stadium, since, by determination of the health authority, only daily tickets are allowed to be sold to members.

This good institutional moment was highlighted by the director of partners, Nicolás Henríquez, who announced that “We are making progress in closing an important agreement that will allow us to deliver benefits throughout Chile, as well as facilitating a new payment gateway for our partners who are abroad”.

In this sense, it calls for the following to be paid for social contributions: “You have to take responsibility for being a member. It is the club’s main source of income for the execution of new projects, as well as for the proper functioning of our various sports branches. The growth and modernization of various areas depends on these fees, as well as the different agreements in pursuit of agreements and benefits for our members ”.

It should be remembered that currently the Club has branches of women’s volleyball, men’s basketball and futsal. In addition, with the social contributions they have been able to raise solidarity campaigns that have been highlighted even abroad.

Partners of Colo Colo begin to return to the Monumental / PHOTO: Guille Salazar

If you want to become a member of the Colo Colo Social and Sports Club, you just have to click here and follow the instructions.

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