CSD Colo Colo is champion and promoted to the volleyball honor series

A weekend full of triumphs is the one he lived Colo Colo in its different categories of competition. This Sunday the Colocolino team in its female branch beat Unión Volley in three sets.

The result of each of the sets for the albas was categorical of 25-20, 25-13 and 25-16, taking a lapidary advantage against his rival to lift the trophy of champions in competitive sports and thus achieve his promotion to the national volleyball honor series.

This commitment was disputed in the CEO of Nuñoa and that included the celebrations of the coaching staff and players who present the Chief in this competition.

An important challenge is the one that they will soon have in volleyball, since they will have to compete and will be part of the honor division for their next challenge in national sports that is in charge of the Colo Colo Social and Sports Club.

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