CSD Colo Colo rejects xenophobic attacks on immigrants in Iquique

The news that came from the In the north of the country last Saturday they did not leave anyone indifferent, with attacks on immigrants by a group of people in Iquique that unfortunately ended with the burning and destruction of the few belongings of those who came to Chile in search of a better future for themselves and their children.

The CSD Colo Colo did not keep silent in the face of the delicate humanitarian present that we are living as a society and issued a statement rejecting these attacks, in addition to reaffirming its commitment to the human rights of all.

Check out the CSD Colo Colo statement:

“We sympathize with the victims of such cowardly actions and reaffirm our unrestricted commitment to respect the human rights of each and everyone, without any distinction of nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or condition.”

“As the largest institution in Chile, we recognize the contribution that foreigners and foreigners have made and continue to make in Colo Colo and in our country.”

“It is impossible to name all men and women who have migrated pursuing their dreams to forge a future in our country and left their names at the top of our extensive and noble institutional history.”

“We are a Social and Sports Club whose identity is strongly rooted in the most popular sectors, under the auspices of an active work in the territories through our different areas in the sports, social and cultural plane. Colo Colo is definitely the people’s team, which represents millions of compatriots and migrants every week on any field in Chile and abroad who proudly wear our colors and this beautiful emblem ”.

“We urge the national authorities to apply all the rigor of the law to these serious crimes, and especially to implement public immigration policies that guarantee full respect and enjoyment of all the fundamental rights that emanate from the human condition.”

This voice from the colocolino world joins that of Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto, who also referred to this delicate issue on his personal Twitter, hitting the table and totally rejecting the attacks in the north of our country.

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