CS:GO: Trademark registered for a possible sequel

CS:GO: Trademark registered for a possible sequel

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is as successful as ever. We recently reported that Valve’s multiplayer shooter set a new record for concurrent players. There are currently numerous speculations and rumors about this successful title. Some time ago there was a message that one was currently working on a Sequel to CS:GO would work. Various insiders confirmed this thesis, but there was no official confirmation from Valve. But registering a trademark leads us again towards the sequel.

CS 2 officially registered

The brand “CS2” Submitted on March 14, 2023. A short time later, the Twitter user received this, among others “aquaismissing” and posted the find on the social media platform. However, it is still unclear what exactly awaits us. Wccftech emphasizes that the Twitter user reported updates in the game’s registry shortly after his find.

These would in turn indicate that this is not a new game per se, but a substantial update for CS:GO (buy now ) would act. To date, the company has not commented on the registration of the brand or the registry. It seems that fans will have to wait a little longer until there is an official announcement of an update or even a sequel to the shooter.

More Counter-Strike news

The Counter-Strike phenomenon was discussed in detail on our website some time ago. After all, Valve’s flagship title has a more than eventful history behind it. Last summer, a story also made headlines in which skins worth two million dollars had been stolen.

Sources: Wccftech, Twitter (auquaismissing)

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