Cuban bureaucracy on the Havanese menu

Cuba reopened in mid-November its borders, closed since March 2020. The system has a chain of bureaucratic aberrations to a point never reached in a context of bans, growing shortages and hyperinflation.

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LThe group waits patiently a few tens of meters from a Shoppy (mini-market). The president of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) seizes the identity cards of this little thirty Havanese, at the corner of avenue Gagliano and rue Animas. “When it is not a delegate of the CDR, it is a soldier and when it is not in uniform, it is in civilian clothes. But it’s always one of those Chivatons (snitches) who watches the queues in front of the Shoppy, ”said Yadira, in her thirties, half disgusted, half resigned.

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