Cuban government prohibits demonstration called by the opposition

The Cuban government prohibited the opposition march called to November 15 ensuring that it is a provocation and that its planning has had a close support from United States agenciess to change the island’s political system.

“The promoters and their public screenings, as well as the links of some with subversive organizations or agencies funded by the U.S. government, have the manifest intention of promote a change in the political system in Cuba “, the government pointed out.

Given the the march is mentioned in various parts of the island, the government considered that this constitutes a provocation for what is decided in a “constitutional and irrevocable” manner. ban this march since it is a threat to the national policy.

Despite that decision, the call for the opposition remains standing arguing that article 56 of the Constitution approved in 2019 protects the right to demonstrate for lawful and peaceful purposes.

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